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Privacy Policy

  • About Us

Parker Buchanan is a registered company that specializes in advertising and selling UK and
overseas properties. We handle properties on behalf of renowned property developers.

  • Introduction

Parker Buchanan is a company that is committed to the protection of your privacy. This privacy
policy is a detailed explanation of how and why we collect and use information about you via or ‘this Site’. Kindly read and understand our privacy policy before

By visiting this site and using the services offered herein, you accept to be bound by its privacy
policy in terms of the collected information that gives details about you. Comments or queries
regarding the use of the gathered information about you or if you want to unsubscribe from
receiving our messages, kindly contact us via email. You can also write to our Privacy Manager.
Generally, the information collected about you is used to inform you about relevant things that
might interest you.

  • Information and Website Content

It’s believed that all information in this Site is correct. However, it’s not 100% reliable. If you
have doubts or queries, consult your Independent Investment Adviser or IFA. This site does not
make any personal recommendation. That’s because the past does not necessarily serve as a
guide for the future. Please don’t consider the information on this Site your financial advice.

  • Collected Personal Information

Once you visit and register or use this Site’s services, you might be requested to provide some
information regarding yourself. This includes current contact details and your name. We might
also collect data on your use of this website. This includes the pages you visit, properties you
view and searches.

We may also collect data from a correspondence that we may share. Collectively, this is referred
to as “Your Information”. The form that you submitted most recently is used as the current status
of consent from you.

  • How Your Information is used

Your information may be aggregated for purposes of identifying patterns which may help in our
marketing. We also use the aggregate information to develop, support, administer, and enhance
our features and services.

We can also use this information when contacting you to get your views regarding our services
or to occasionally inform you about crucial developments or changes in our services or this Site.
If you give your consent, Your Information may be used to get in touch with you for purposes of sharing information about services or products that we or any of our partners provide and might
interest you.

Here are features that by nature use and require personally identifying information.

  • Registration via Email

When you register your details on this Site, you give Parker Buchanan the permission to get in
touch with you more often with updates on new properties. If you no longer wish to receive the
updates, kindly use the link provided in our email to unsubscribe.

  • Email Your Friend

Any time you use our Email Your Friend feature, this Site records the properties that you send to
that friend. This enables us to monitor the popularity of different properties. For purposes of
internal monitoring, we record other details that you provide in your email.

  • Registration

Once you register on this Site, we keep your details. These details enable us to offer you
personalized services.

  • Who Can Access the Information We Collect or You Provide

Parker Buchanan retains access to the personal information provided by or collected from

If this business is sold, enters a merger or a joint venture with another entity, it’s possible that
Your Information will be disclosed to the new owner(s) or business partner(s).

If we supply or offer a service that a third party provides on behalf of Parker Buchanan, Your
Information may be passed to them to enhance smooth service delivery. When you use this
website, you give us your consent to share Your Information with third parties that we license to
provide the service. Third parties may also provide services on behalf of Parker Buchanan. These
may include processing Your Information for instance to augment data that we have about you or
to complete your partial addresses. In either of the cases, your data shall not be passed to persons
who are not registered with Data Protection Act, not subjected to these or even similar provisions
of our contract. Additionally, we won’t allow commercial use of Your Information by third
parties without consent from you.

Your Information will otherwise not be disclosed, sold, or distributed to a third party unless you
permit it or the law requires us to do any of these.

  • Changing, Removing or Accessing the Held Information

You can request a copy of your personally identifying information that this Site holds. You can
also request us to make necessary changes when you want to make sure that the information is
up-to-date and accurate. Please note that you may pay an administration fee for data search,
processing, and eventual delivery.

  • Tracking and Cookies

Just like other websites, this Site uses cookies. These enable Parker Buchanan to personalize
visits that you make to this website, track your preferences and use of the site and simplify your
signing-in procedure.

Cookies are simply small files that your computer’s hard drive stores from your browser.
However, your browser provides an option to block cookies. The help screen of your browser or
manual provides instructions for doing this. Nevertheless, if you block cookies, this act might
affect this Site’s functionality.

Just like other websites, we have servers that record ‘log files’ automatically. These files have
information regarding the characteristics and volume of the traffic of our website. Examples of
this information include the viewed pages, IP address, and the time you spend on this Site.
Log files are used to picture your use of this Site. They also make monitoring and improving our
services possible. Nevertheless, log files cannot be used to identify you.

  • Storage, Transfer, and Security of Information

This Site has strict security measures in place for ensuring that Your Information is protected
against damage, destruction, or disclosure to any unauthorized third party. Only a third party that
provides the outlined services in this Privacy Policy can access Your Information. Nevertheless,
we do everything possible to prevent any unauthorized access to Your Information.

Your Information shall be retained as long as the law requires or for just a reasonable period.