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Who is Parker Buchanan for?

Whether you are an experienced or novice private investor; a large professional consortium, or a social institution, we handle all queries with class and professionalism. We understand the differing approaches investors may have, and we have the experience to tailor the investment process to your preference. Our mantra is ‘never stop improving’ and we are fortunate enough to have dynamic individuals in our team, who constantly find ways to adapt so they can exceed the expectations of each customer.

What makes property a good investment?

For those of you who are interested in finding the best ways to make your money work for you, the interest gained by placing your savings in a bank are simply not going to be satisfactory. Especially given the fact that interest rates are the lowest they have been since 1951. When one calculates into the equation the current rate of inflation then it becomes apparent those savings left in the bank are actually losing their value each day. It can be confusing even for an experienced investor, to know the best place to put their money given the abundance of investment opportunities being touted as the next big thing. However property as an investment has stood the test of time and with the demand for it outstripping its supply, most market forecasters have only good things to say. The team at Parker Buchanan promise to deliver you the best advice so that you can choose the perfect opportunities to create a rewarding portfolio.

What Services do Parker Buchanan provide?

Parker Buchanan is a company you can rely on from start to finish. We will deal with everything from purchase contracts and currency exchange, through to your exit strategies and management schemes. Parker Buchanan can handle all your investment needs with sophistication.
In the event you need to sell your property, Parker Buchanan will make the process as easy as possible. Our business networks and understanding of the market provide us with the ability of selling on your property quickly and at the best price. We will advertise your property across all the industries main portals, take care of enquiries and handle marketing and viewings until a buyer has been found.

Why Parker Buchanan?

Our strong ties in the industry have given Parker Buchanan the privilege of being able to present our clients with the best opportunities first. We offer a wide range of properties located across the world, for residential, commercial and investment purposes. Our experts pride themselves on being transparent and committed to informing you about everything you could possibly want to know about a potential purchase. We conduct our business with the highest level of professionalism yet remain friendly and sensitive to the needs of all our customers.

Can I view my property?

It is only natural to want to view your potential property purchase before making that critical decision. So we at Parker Buchanan encourage such viewing trips. No matter your experience as an investor; whether you are purchasing for investment purposes or seeking your dream home; we will meet your requirements. Our team on the ground will explain things in detail and make sure you have all the facts before making your final purchase.

How risky are your investments?

Just like you, we are also investors and our most important investment is you. We know that if we want to see great sustainable returns for our business, firstly we need to make a compounded effort to ensure our clients are seeing great sustainable returns. Providing you with the right investment solutions and advice that diminish your risk and optimise your ongoing returns is integral to our business. To protect you from any misfortune, before any product has even reached you, our legal team would have carried out thorough due diligence to confirm the products integrity. Our strict and uncompromising approach towards protecting our clients will ensure you stand the best chance of reaping exciting rewards from your investments in the quickest and most cost effective way.

What if I want to resale my property?

If you wish to free up some equity by exiting and reselling your property, Parker Buchanan provide a resale programme included in our service. We appreciate reselling can seem like a daunting task but our organisation is well equipped to make it as simple and stress free as possible. We will make sure you are informed and understand all the necessary procedures and handle your request swiftly and with care and sensitivity.
Parker Buchanan is very selective about all the products we make available to our clients. So before we even launch a product we would have made sure it served the interests of our clients and that we could provide a feasible exit strategy. With our array of local affiliates on the ground and long term reselling affiliates as back-up, we will find you the best deal and pass on your property to the right person.

How is my money protected?

Parker Buchanan is a fully signed up member of TPO (The Property Ombudsman). By signing up to their Code of Practice we are required to provide additional consumer protection that goes beyond that required by the law. TPO will give you access to an independent dispute resolution service and you can be certain of receiving fair and reasonable judgement on all financial issues. We hope that our voluntarily membership with TPO indicates you can be confident about our dedication to protecting our clients interests.
In addition our organisation only partners with developers and solicitors who are regulated by all the main governing bodies. In respects to buying a property that is built and housing tenants, the solicitors will hold your money until the contract is exchanged and ownership of the property is passed over to you.

What about the rentals?

We advise all our clients to try to create a diverse and hedged investment portfolio. Given the fact that property is one of the most financially secure ways to invest, we believe any serious investor should include property as an integral part of their portfolio to maintain wealth over time. When evaluating a potential property investment, rentals should be considered and not just the projected capital growth.
It is advisable to seek those investments that can provide a regular residual income and not just those that offer medium or long term returns. For this reason, delivering a bespoke management service that will help you maintain a good rental income is so critical to our ongoing success. Our links with some of the world’s leading management organisations and tour operators have enabled us to offer our clients fully managed rental services with most of our products. Through our networks and expertise we can optimise the exposure of rental properties. Investing through Parker Buchanan guarantees your high annual occupancy levels and that rental yields endure over time.

Do you provide an aftercare service?

We are dedicated to delivering a first class service from the first point of contact to well after your purchase. Our friendly aftercare team will always be at hand to guide you through the process, handle any queries and to keep you up to date on the latest developments.

Will my property be managed?

All recommendations made to our clients are structured as investment products. At Parker Buchanan we believe it’s paramount that we explain clearly how to make the initial investment, the management structure and most significantly the returns and the best way to release your gains. With special attention to detail, we will project each phase of the investment strategy from the beginning to end and inform you of its progress with continuous updates.

Our management program means your investment can remain completely hands off and stress free. Whilst you follow your other pursuits, our experts will make sure you annual occupancy levels stay high and that your rental yields remain sustained.

What makes you different from your competitors?

We endeavour to instil within our clients, the reputation of being a class above all our competitors. Through each and every experience our clients have with our organisation, we hope to demonstrate an exceptional level of service. Central to our cause is creating long term business relationships by putting the prosperity of our clients first. This essentially involves being attentive to customer needs, problem solving and completing tasks in the shortest possible time. By habituating these qualities in all our employees we hope to establish Parker Buchanan as the premier property investment company in the UK.

What should I do next?

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