New Chinatown is one of the most important and exciting development projects in the UK today. With the support of the UK Government the project is one of the big ideas underpinning their vision for a Northern Powerhouse. New Chinatown is a city within a city. It is the burgeoning energy and dynamism of modern China transplanted into the heart of an historic World Heritage City. Home to Europe’s oldest Chinatown, today Liverpool is at the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between the UK and China. This is an historic moment… This is a unique investment opportunity.

New Chinatown creates a new standard for city centre development. It brings the intensity and energy of modern China into the heart of an historic European city. This is a place to live, work, visit, relax and wonder.

New Chinatown is a distinctively Chinese urban quarter in terms of design, character and spirit. The design philosophy has been influenced both by modern Chinese architecture, traditional Chinese design philosophy and the ancient art form of zhezhi. Underpinning the whole masterplan is the idea and motif of the awakening dragon – a powerful symbol of China’s resurgence and status as a new global power.

The development has been influenced by consultation with Liverpool’s Chinese community and will create new spaces for local business and cultural organisations. However, we are also creating an entirely new kind of Chinatown – a home for Chinese businesses to establish themselves in the UK with characteristic retail bazaars and vibrant sunken streets. New Chinatown will be an exciting, colourful and dynamic destination and an utterly unique shopping experience.

With over 800 apartments in the first three phases New Chinatown will create a new city centre community and set a new benchmark for urban living. Beautifully designed living space, five-star management and concierge service and a superb array of leisure facilities, including luxury spa, will make New Chinatown one of the UK’s most luxurious and desirable residential destinations.


Property Features

  • 7% Assured rent for 1st 2 years
  • Luxury Spa
  • Concierge service
  • Designed on modern Chinese Arcitecture & traditional philisophy
  • 10 year build warranty
  • City centre location
  • Proven management company
  • Local Architects
  • Optional Car Parking