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In on the ground floor: Liverpool Merebank Court – Investment Property

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By getting our investors in from the earliest possible stage, we can deliver incredible capital appreciation with little risk or hassle.

While other sectors are only just beginning to regain some of their former confidence, the buy-to-let sector is ploughing full steam ahead. As prices in the capital are likely to remain enormously inflated for the forseeable future, many prudent investors are looking to add properties in large, regional cities to their portfolios. This is being made an even more attractive option by the wave of new-build projects currently going on in the likes of Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool.

One of our recent developments in Liverpool is a perfect example of that trend. Merebank Court is a 14-storey residential building, which, following major refurbishment works, comprises 78 one, two, and three-bed apartments. Its location is immensely appealing, and seasoned investors will recognise the potential it still has for improvement. Iconic Liverpool landmarks such as penny Lane and Strawberry fields a stone’s throw away, and the vibrant, bohemian, wine-bar laden Lark Lane is well within walking distance. To make things even more attractive, the beautiful and expansive Sefton Park, which hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, is just a four-minute walk away. Liverpool University is a short drive away, as is the bustling city centre.

Over the long term, areas such as this almost always tend to attract young, affluent professionals, making them a sound choice for property investors.

To see this, one only has to look at the numbers that people are already achieving thanks to an early investment in Merebank Court. The original list price for a two-bed apartment at Merebank Court was £70,000. One investor sold their property in January for £92,500. A similar two-bed apartment is now on sale for £124,000; an increase of £31,500 in a matter of months. These numbers are easily achievable if you invest in fundamentally sound, attractive properties, such as Merebank Court, that have room for significant appreciation.

Assuming a buoyant market at 5-7%, and that is what we are seeing in all of the big regional cities, you can expect a £70,000 property to be worth £127,819 if it was held and rented for 5 years. Merebank Court is currently fully tenanted and achieving a 7% yield, meeting our highest expectations. This performance is showing no signs of slowing down.

Peace of mind

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about properties on offer by Parker Buchanan is the fact that hugely experienced and competent property management companies are already in place to handle the day-to-day running of your investment for you. Making this the perfect armchair investment.

The designated management companies take all the worry out of managing your investment; once contracts have been exchanged and you hand over management responsibilities to them. They will arrange everything for you: rent payments, general upkeep, maintenance and repairs, and anything else that might crop up that you simply don’t nee or want on your plate. For non-UK resident investors this removes the worry and responsibility of maintaining your investment. Advisers will also be able to help you set appropriate rent rates as and when the market calls for adjustments. In today’s rapidly expanding property market, this is an invaluable service.

Buy to let and you

It goes without saying that every investment carries with it an inherent degree of risk. Yet certain markets allow investors to minimise their risk while guaranteeing a continuous cash flow. We mitigated all of these risk of our clients hence why we have a string track record of delivery.

We work closely with developers who spend countless hours choosing the right locations, guaranteeing their investors sizeable returns. Locations are always chosen for the reliability of their attractiveness, so you can rest assured that your steady rent income will not be mitigating a fall in capital value. Every one of the new developments listed on our site is seeing a significant level of capital appreciation, and Merebank Court is one of many examples.

The possibility of steady, regular income and a constantly appreciating property value is real. All you need to do is contact us today then you could own a prime piece of real estate in a major regional city that is swiftly growing in confidence.

If you are interested in high yielding projects similar to Merebank Court – Please give us a call.

No property investment is safe, but some are safer than others.

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